Do You Know How To Automate?

For all the entrepreneurs, online boutique owners, freelancers, and small business owners, do you utilize online resources? We live in an interesting time. We live in a time where we can click a button and share something inspiring with the world. We can make a video and millions of people have access to it. We … Continue reading Do You Know How To Automate?

Become the Expert

Most of the time, people want to do work with someone who not only can do the work but from someone who is skilled and can offer suggestions to others. Why? You can easily be viewed  and treated as an expert when  you're helping others, offering your assistance, giving suggestions and even providing resources. And we all … Continue reading Become the Expert

Marketing Yourself Means Branding

I attended Women In Action, Inc's Spring Into Action breakfast series on Branding Yourself. This was the  second session of their three-part series of breakfast workshops focused on women entrepreneurs.  This second session was not a disappointment at all. I learned a lot and met great people. All of the attendees are in the group photo … Continue reading Marketing Yourself Means Branding