How To Use Your Gifts To Help Those In Need

How can you use your strengths to serve those in need? Here is a way that I did it and why I did it. I was finding that many entrepreneurs and small business owners in my city were unaware of how to use blogging to expand their business. My generation did not have computers in … Continue reading How To Use Your Gifts To Help Those In Need

Prophetic Signals In This Season 

I'm sitting here at a friend's house warming party musing over what he just told me. After I congratulated him on the purchase of such a wonderful home,  he told me that he had been searching 3 years for the house of his dreams. He said initially the home was sold but then he happened … Continue reading Prophetic Signals In This Season 

What Is A Baby Reveal Party?

  Here I am at my son's Baby Reveal Party. This concept is new to me, I guess because I'm from the Old School way of thinking when it comes to pregnancies. Today's modern families announce the gender of their baby at  what are called Reveal Parties. They are also called Gender Reveal parties and … Continue reading What Is A Baby Reveal Party?

Protect What’s Important

  Something terrifying happened to me this week. I woke up early, got my baby dressed, and immediately started to rush out the door to start my day. With a diaper bag on my shoulder, phone in hand, and a 6-month old boy in my arms, I headed out of my apartment complex. Then it … Continue reading Protect What’s Important

Confidence is Key

There are things in life that can make you or break you. The quality of confidence is one of those things. In any case, confidence can make you more likable, approachable and even assist you in your professional life. On the other hand, though, a lack of confidence can make you appear inexperienced, awkward, and … Continue reading Confidence is Key