Managing Aging Parents

We often say it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to help with an aging parent. This is especially true if you do not live near your parents. In the beginning of 2017, our Father experienced a medical emergency. God is faithful and our Father is home and is … Continue reading Managing Aging Parents

Crisis Will Uncover Soul Issues

When a crisis hits your life many times there are no warning signs. I mean the crisis doesn't whisper in your ear to give you a heads up that it's coming but it is coming. When a crisis hits your life hard and strong it may take you a minute to recoup and deal with … Continue reading Crisis Will Uncover Soul Issues

Are Your Plans In Order?

2017 is almost here!! Are your plans in order? As many of you know, people are in need of spiritual guidance and prayer.   I will now be hosting "Noontime Prayer!" livestream broadcasts  every Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday  at 12:00 PM EST on Facebook Live. You can find me there under the username (Marcia Shannon). … Continue reading Are Your Plans In Order?

Eddie James Concerts: Participatory Worship

I attended my first Eddie James concert last night in Leominster, MA. Wow! It was absolutely stunning. Before I talk about the performance I want to say a little bit about the audience. There was such a pure worship and praise coming from the audience before Eddie James even took the stage. The worship actually stunned … Continue reading Eddie James Concerts: Participatory Worship

Do You Have An Ideal Client?

You would not realize how often business owners get started without knowing their target audience. This was my problem. As a Virtual Assistant, I was ready to work with anyone and everyone. I figured that my job will be the same no matter who I cater to. I quickly learned that this was not true. … Continue reading Do You Have An Ideal Client?

Embrace the narrow place!

I wasn’t sure what was going on with me but I felt different. My attention was inward and not outward. Little things that use to irritate me I now had a new patience and grace to endure them.
I wasn’t sure what was going on with me until I came across this blog post on Facebook. It helped me so that I’m sharing it with my blog followers.

Beulah Acres

Shabbat Shalom All!

As we enter in to the dire straits that accompany the ninth of Av, I want to encourage all of you to embrace the squeezing of the narrow place! We crushed our first batch of grapes from this harvest this past week – so exciting to see the plowing and sowing of the past season becoming the new wine! Remember – the crushing and squeezing of the narrow place is what produces the wine! The Lord is overturning old familiar thought patterns and structures… don’t resist what He’s doing in your life. Say “whatever it takes, Lord!”

LeAnn’s prophetic song Beauty For Ashes was on my heart this week as I meditated on dire straits and this month – which is the month to transform. I have used this song once before, but it is so relevant to the month of Av that I felt I must…

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Mini Lessons for Beginning Entrepreneurs – Lesson 1

Mini Lessons for Beginning Entrepreneurs Active Income - What is it? (Lesson 1 of 3) This lesson is part of a three-part mini lesson on types of income. Make more revenue by utilizing both active and passive income! The more streams of income you have equals more money in your pocket, simple as that! Stay tuned for the … Continue reading Mini Lessons for Beginning Entrepreneurs – Lesson 1

Protect What’s Important

  Something terrifying happened to me this week. I woke up early, got my baby dressed, and immediately started to rush out the door to start my day. With a diaper bag on my shoulder, phone in hand, and a 6-month old boy in my arms, I headed out of my apartment complex. Then it … Continue reading Protect What’s Important

Confidence is Key

There are things in life that can make you or break you. The quality of confidence is one of those things. In any case, confidence can make you more likable, approachable and even assist you in your professional life. On the other hand, though, a lack of confidence can make you appear inexperienced, awkward, and … Continue reading Confidence is Key