Prophetic Signals In This Season 

I'm sitting here at a friend's house warming party musing over what he just told me. After I congratulated him on the purchase of such a wonderful home,  he told me that he had been searching 3 years for the house of his dreams. He said initially the home was sold but then he happened … Continue reading Prophetic Signals In This Season 

3 Scriptures to Help if You Struggle With Discipline

A recurring theme in the book of Proverbs is slothfulness, aka laziness and its negative outcomes. Laziness and discipline are not friends, infact they are mortal enemies. Everyone has lazy tendencies from time to time, and though we all know and want the rewards that discipline brings, conjuring up the motivation to put in the work can be a challenge.

Discipline is Your Friend

A recurring theme in the book of Proverbs is slothfulness and its negative outcomes. Another word for slothfulness is laziness. I will use laziness instead of slothful because it is a word that we are more familiar with. Laziness  and discipline are opposites. They are mortal enemies. Lazy people  want  the rewards that discipline brings but … Continue reading Discipline is Your Friend