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Entrepreneurism is Being Elevated in this Season 

Etsy has been able to pitch Entrepreneurs that sell on  their website to retail stores! This is a huge signal of advancement for Entrepreneurs. Continue to perfect your product and services because you just don't could be you next!!!

Prophetic Signals In This Season 

I'm sitting here at a friend's house warming party musing over what he just told me. After I congratulated him on the purchase of such a wonderful home,  he told me that he had been searching 3 years for the house of his dreams. He said initially the home was sold but then he happened … Continue reading Prophetic Signals In This Season 

Become the Expert

Most of the time, people want to do work with someone who not only can do the work but from someone who is skilled and can offer suggestions to others. Why? You can easily be viewed  and treated as an expert when  you're helping others, offering your assistance, giving suggestions and even providing resources. And we all … Continue reading Become the Expert

Eddie James Concerts: Participatory Worship

I attended my first Eddie James concert last night in Leominster, MA. Wow! It was absolutely stunning. Before I talk about the performance I want to say a little bit about the audience. There was such a pure worship and praise coming from the audience before Eddie James even took the stage. The worship actually stunned … Continue reading Eddie James Concerts: Participatory Worship

What Is A Baby Reveal Party?

  Here I am at my son's Baby Reveal Party. This concept is new to me, I guess because I'm from the Old School way of thinking when it comes to pregnancies. Today's modern families announce the gender of their baby at  what are called Reveal Parties. They are also called Gender Reveal parties and … Continue reading What Is A Baby Reveal Party?

3 Tips To Attract Customers For A Thriving Business 

Treating your customers with respect is not hard to do when you view it from the standpoint of doing unto others as you would have them do to you. So imagine that you are the person wanting to buy your product or service; how would you like to be treated. I watched an interaction taking … Continue reading 3 Tips To Attract Customers For A Thriving Business 

Do You Have An Ideal Client?

You would not realize how often business owners get started without knowing their target audience. This was my problem. As a Virtual Assistant, I was ready to work with anyone and everyone. I figured that my job will be the same no matter who I cater to. I quickly learned that this was not true. … Continue reading Do You Have An Ideal Client?

Embrace the narrow place!

I wasn’t sure what was going on with me but I felt different. My attention was inward and not outward. Little things that use to irritate me I now had a new patience and grace to endure them.
I wasn’t sure what was going on with me until I came across this blog post on Facebook. It helped me so that I’m sharing it with my blog followers.

Beulah Acres

Shabbat Shalom All!

As we enter in to the dire straits that accompany the ninth of Av, I want to encourage all of you to embrace the squeezing of the narrow place! We crushed our first batch of grapes from this harvest this past week – so exciting to see the plowing and sowing of the past season becoming the new wine! Remember – the crushing and squeezing of the narrow place is what produces the wine! The Lord is overturning old familiar thought patterns and structures… don’t resist what He’s doing in your life. Say “whatever it takes, Lord!”

LeAnn’s prophetic song Beauty For Ashes was on my heart this week as I meditated on dire straits and this month – which is the month to transform. I have used this song once before, but it is so relevant to the month of Av that I felt I must…

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5 Steps You Can Take Now to Increase Your Resilience When You’re Going Through Hell |

Practice Strategic Patience.  Experience has taught me that rushing what's coming never turns out for the best. We climb out of hell one step at a time. Steve Jobs was relentlessly patient, teaching us to have faith that all dots connect the way they are meant to connect.  When we're in the middle of hardship, we must keep … Continue reading 5 Steps You Can Take Now to Increase Your Resilience When You’re Going Through Hell |

Mini Lessons for Beginning Entrepreneurs- 10 Ways to Make Passive Income

  Mini Lessons for Beginning Entrepreneurs 10 Ways to Make Passive Income (Lesson 3 of 3) Take pride in your knowledge. You don't have to be a business professional, and you definitely don't need to claim to be. If you have had success, with your methods, feel free to share them. This gets your name … Continue reading Mini Lessons for Beginning Entrepreneurs- 10 Ways to Make Passive Income