Walking is Lotion!

One of the benefits of walking is that  walking is lotion for your joints. The act of walking stimulates your joints to make lubrication. Lubrication helps to ease joint stiffness and pain. Walking was highly recommended by my surgeon after I had my hip replacement surgery in July 2018. I am so glad that I … Continue reading Walking is Lotion!

Crisis Will Uncover Soul Issues

When a crisis hits your life many times there are no warning signs. I mean the crisis doesn't whisper in your ear to give you a heads up that it's coming but it is coming. When a crisis hits your life hard and strong it may take you a minute to recoup and deal with … Continue reading Crisis Will Uncover Soul Issues

Are Your Plans In Order?

2017 is almost here!! Are your plans in order? As many of you know, people are in need of spiritual guidance and prayer.   I will now be hosting "Noontime Prayer!" livestream broadcasts  every Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday  at 12:00 PM EST on Facebook Live. You can find me there under the username (Marcia Shannon). … Continue reading Are Your Plans In Order?

How To Use Your Gifts To Help Those In Need

How can you use your strengths to serve those in need? Here is a way that I did it and why I did it. I was finding that many entrepreneurs and small business owners in my city were unaware of how to use blogging to expand their business. My generation did not have computers in … Continue reading How To Use Your Gifts To Help Those In Need

Entrepreneurism is Being Elevated in this Season 

Etsy has been able to pitch Entrepreneurs that sell on  their website to retail stores! This is a huge signal of advancement for Entrepreneurs. Continue to perfect your product and services because you just don't know...it could be you next!!! https://youtu.be/xAIqZ_lQtCk

Prophetic Signals In This Season 

I'm sitting here at a friend's house warming party musing over what he just told me. After I congratulated him on the purchase of such a wonderful home,  he told me that he had been searching 3 years for the house of his dreams. He said initially the home was sold but then he happened … Continue reading Prophetic Signals In This Season