Crisis Will Uncover Soul Issues

When a crisis hits your life many times there are no warning signs. I mean the crisis doesn’t whisper in your ear to give you a heads up that it’s coming but it is coming. When a crisis hits your life hard and strong it may take you a minute to recoup and deal with it. A crisis will uncover soul issues.   When a crisis hits this is usually the time when issues in your soul will speak the loudest.  Any issues that are residing there will pop up their ugly heads.  This is a good time to observe what you say, what you think about and your self-talk.  I say that this is  good time because before it can come out it has to come up first. It has to come up to come out. You will be able to detect issues that are still residing in your soul and once detected then you can work with God to root them out.  God needs your cooperation and participation in this process. He will not do it without you.

I currently am going through a crisis that hit my family head on. It took me by surprise and yes…it took me a minute to wrap my head around it but when I did come around, it was on.  I am not one to take things lying down or to be passive, many that know me will tell you that I am frank with my words. I don’t believe in sugar-coating the truth even if it does hurt at first. My philosophy is that you can’t address or change what you’re not aware of, so it may hurt when someone tells you that you talk too much or that you don’t communicate well or whatever it may be, but if you take that truth and analyze it to see if there really is any truth to it,  then you are prepared to correct it or make changes in your life and that is growth. Proverbs 28:23 says that when a person is corrected, it may hurt at first but once that person comes to their senses (analyze the truth) that man realizes how much of a  true friend the person that corrected them really is.  Many times people will see your faults and not address it because they want to spread it around as  gossip  but the person that will come to you directly and confront you about your stuff is a person that cares about you and sees your potential.

Our behaviors come out of our belief systems and our belief systems resides in our soul.  The Bible says to work out your own soul’s salvation with fear and trembling. This tells me that God is not going to save our souls we have to be led by the Spirit of God and acknowledge where we need to change so we can do what is pleasing to God. It is a process that never ends.  We are ever maturing, learning and developing.

Currently I am taking a 30 Day Soul Detox by Suzanne Howard.  I have read other soul detox books but this live stream video that she does nightly has really made a difference in my life. I have realized that things I thought that I was over and had dealt with are still alive and well…they just been buried beneath the surface and when they appear they are disguised as something else.  I recommend that you join us on our soul detox journey everyday at 9 PM EST. Tonight we start day 29.

I pray that this has helped you.  Please share this blog post if you feel it has been a  benefit to you or you feel that it will help someone who you know.  Feel free to join me on Facebook Live for Noontime Prayer! Monday-Wednesday EST.

Grace & Peace


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