Are Your Plans In Order?

2017 is almost here!! Are your plans in order?

As many of you know, people are in need of spiritual guidance and prayer.   I will now be hosting “Noontime Prayer!” livestream broadcasts  every Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday  at 12:00 PM EST on Facebook Live. You can find me there under the username (Marcia Shannon).

I am also going to be going live on random days and times on Periscope.  I intend on using it to help people to stay focused and inspired  throughout the day. I hope that you’ll join me on Periscope today. My user name is (@MarciaShannon52)…

If you know that you want to make 2017 better than 2016 let me help you.  Please take a quick moment to make sure that you’re connecting with me on both of these social media  platforms!

FB : Marcia Shannon
Periscope: @MarciaShannon52

2017 is the year for YOU to execute your plans successfully because there will be No More Excuses.

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