Do You Know How To Automate?

For all the entrepreneurs, online boutique owners, freelancers, and small business owners, do you utilize online resources?

We live in an interesting time.

We live in a time where we can click a button and share something inspiring with the world. We can make a video and millions of people have access to it. We can even make our livelihood without leaving the comfort of our homes.

Since we have the ability to do so much, it’s important that we attempt to utilize as much as possible.

As a business owner, I have learned to automate a lot of my processes.

Social media posts are created sometimes weeks in advance. Marketing emails and followups are managed through an online resource. Client’s information are even processed in a system that records last contact & schedule follow-up dates.

So, why is it important? Why should we use this?

As a virtual assistant, I’ve seen my clients struggle to market their business while also trying to expand and maintain their current work. Trust me, this is a challenge. People need assistance and sometimes they can’t delegate all their work to someone else.

Let the online resource do the work for you. Sure, posting on Facebook takes 5 seconds. However, you can plan ahead of time and schedule each post, all without even logging in.

If you’ve never used this before I suggest you look into it. It can make your lives 100 times easier. You can also bask in the satisfaction that you excel in the 21st century as an entrepreneur.

Share with me what tasks you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant?

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