Eddie James Concerts: Participatory Worship

I attended my first Eddie James concert last night in Leominster, MA. Wow! It was absolutely stunning. Before I talk about the performance I want to say a little bit about the audience. There was such a pure worship and praise coming from the audience before Eddie James even took the stage. The worship actually stunned him also, he said so when he did get on stage.

When you have a spontaneous worship that is not pulled out of you but it comes willingly…there is a distinct sound that it makes…that’s the kind of worship that God loves!

Eddie James concerts are a place of worship, so if you are coming to be entertained you will be disappointed. His concerts are participatory and you get so much more out of the experience when you join in with the worship and praise. It is no longer a concert but turns into a worship service.

I attended the concert in the evening and so I  thought that I might be exhausted and aching when it was over but….I have to say that I was invigorated when I left the premises at 10:30 PM and I had no aches or pain. I mention the aches and pain  because I am experiencing issues with my knees, hips and back when I stand or walk for a long time. I am writing this post the morning after and I am still pain-free!! God comes in to heartfelt and willing worship and delivers what His people need. When you touch the heart of God He will touch your heart!!

Participatory Worship

Participatory worship may be a new phrase for you because it is for me. The Lord dropped that phrase into my spirit as I was writing this post and trying to find the words to explain what I had experienced last night at the Eddie James concert. Participatory worship is when you don’t wait for the worship leader to lead you into praise and worship. It is when you join in together and give God a pure and willing praise. It like the Bible says that God loves a cheerful giver. God also loves a cheerful and willing worshipper!

Eddie James-Dream Life Center

Eddie James is called to bring freedom and fathering to a generation who have been abandoned and rejected.  Eddie James’ Dream Life Centers is where teens and young adults can be restored  and trained for ministry in a residential setting. Eddie James Ministry partners with Addiction Recovery Care, LLC and he has currently three homes:

  1. Belle Grove Springs is a residential treatment center for men suffering from substance abuse located in the Fox  Valley of northeastern Kentucky.
  2. Beth’s Blessing  is a residential treatment center for women suffering from substance abuse located on the former Annville Institute campus in Annville, Kentucky.
  3. Karen’s Place is a residential treatment center for women suffering from substance abuse located on Yatesville Lake in Kentucky.


The money raised from concert tickets, CD sales, offerings at concerts are used to support Eddy James Ministry’s mission to Rescue, Restore & Raise Them Up!  Eddie James travels with an entourage of graduates from his ministry programs. You are able to see first hand the transformation in their lives as you watch them onstage glorifying God with song and dance. They are quite impressive!


Eddie James will be returning to Leominster, MA to record an upcoming album live in Spanish to be kept up to date on when this will happen please follow him on Facebook. Click this link  to purchase Eddy James’ CD’s.


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