What Is A Baby Reveal Party?


Here I am at my son’s Baby Reveal Party. This concept is new to me, I guess because I’m from the Old School way of thinking when it comes to pregnancies.


Today’s modern families announce the gender of their baby at  what are called Reveal Parties. They are also called Gender Reveal parties and Baby Reveal parties or just Reveal Parties.  The gender of the baby is kept a secret until the party. At my son’s Reveal Party he didn’t even know the sex yet.
At Reveal parties you don’t bring gifts unless specified by the hosting couple. The Reveal Party is a great way for the expectant couple’s family and friends to socialize with each other.
At this Reveal Party the hosts have engaged the guests in the fun and excitement by asking each guest to bring diapers if they think it is a boy and baby wipes if they think it is a girl.  This is also a great way for the couple  to build up a stock pile of these items before the baby even arrives.

Below is a video showing how the expectant couple chose to announce the gender of their baby. They had a big box that had balloons inside that said “It’s A Boy”.

My opinion is that Baby Reveal Parties or Gender Reveal Parties are worth the time, energy and money that goes into having a successful party. You would want to have your closest friends help you with the setting up and the clean up and any other pre-party planning because,  for  these parties to be successful they do require alot of effort.  You can ask the To-Be- Grandparents or other close relatives  to help with the cooking. A cook out style party which this one was is an excellent choice for the summer months. These parties do not replace the traditional baby shower.  I had so much fun at this party that I am looking forward to attending and helping out with the baby shower.

What are your thoughts about Baby Reveal Parties? Share with me if you have been to one and what you liked the most about it.


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