3 Tips To Attract Customers For A Thriving Business 

Treating your customers with respect is not hard to do when you view it from the standpoint of doing unto others as you would have them do to you.
So imagine that you are the person wanting to buy your product or service; how would you like to be treated.
I watched an interaction taking place at an event I attended recently. This interaction was not good and had a negative effect on this person’s potential to attract new customers. The business owner’s content was good but it was their delivery that was lacking.  This interaction effected me so (I was only a bystander) that it really made me look at how I treat potential customers. Learning from the mistakes of others is a great self development tool.  Sometimes we look at our own actions as ok but if we were to look at it from the outside we would understand how sometimes our actions, words or tone of voice can be a repellent instead of a magnet. Below  are 3 tips on how to attract customers for a thriving business.
Tip #1 Be a Magnet Not  a Repellent
Repellents repel or drive  things away. I purchased some all natural bug repellent from Naturally Me And You. It is made with the Essential Oils that bugs and mosquitos do not like, so the bugs stay away from you. They don’t linger around you at all, they flee and flee quickly
Well sometimes the tone that we use when we speak to our customers or potential customers can be a repellent. We may not be conscious that we are doing it but we are doing it all the same. It is important to check our tone of voice because we need customers to have a successful business…and lots of them. READ MORE

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