Do You Have An Ideal Client?

You would not realize how often business owners get started without knowing their target audience. This was my problem. As a Virtual Assistant, I was ready to work with anyone and everyone. I figured that my job will be the same no matter who I cater to.

I quickly learned that this was not true.

You need to believe in what your client sells. Can you imagine being a devout Christian and being signed on to write articles for an Atheist website? Could you market for a client is their product doesn’t work? Could you help a client, who really didn’t care about what they were selling?

It’s easier to assist someone when you have a connection with the person or their service.

Some may argue that you could still do all of these things if you focus on the overall outcome. Remember, though, being an entrepreneur does not mean that you have no morals or ethics. You still have beliefs and opinions that may differ from someone else’s.

Extra revenue should never cause you to let go of those things.

So how do you weed out the one’s that may not be a good fit for you?

Have an ideal client in mind! Be specific.

Is it a man or woman?

How old?

What is their occupation?

Now, you do not have to specifically stick to those parameters only. However, you should attempt to reach out to these kinds of people or ones who almost meet the criteria. When you find that ideal client, I guarantee that you will do all that you can to land them.

Knowing your ideal client is a key component of marketing your brand. If you believe in the work that you are doing and the person you are doing it for, you will never falter.

Do you struggle with identifying your ideal client?

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