Mini Lessons for Beginning Entrepreneurs- 10 Ways to Make Passive Income


Mini Lessons for Beginning Entrepreneurs

10 Ways to Make Passive Income
(Lesson 3 of 3)

Take pride in your knowledge. You don’t have to be a business professional, and you definitely don’t need to claim to be. If you have had success, with your methods, feel free to share them. This gets your name out there and brings in some revenue for you.

  1. EBook

Write a book. It doesn’t have to be extremely long. Pick a topic you know a lot about, or something you know your audience in interested in and write a short book.


  1. Online Courses

Make a course for others! These courses can be taken at the pace of the buyer. There are many online platforms, where you can create online courses for your target audience. You may want to include a workbook with you course to give your course more value.


  1. Email Courses

Yes, this is a thing. Make a 5 day email course. Gain subscribers by offering this course to them. Send this to your current subscribers. You can also include a workbook, or template with these to increase value.


  1. Workbooks

Workbooks can be included with courses or can simply be sold separately. Make it easy to follow along and interactive. Make sure it engages you audience, as well as provides a valuable lesson overall.


  1. Digital Template

These templates can be make available for online edit or download. This could be anything from a social media calendar to a business planning template. Keep in mind, that many people may offer the same thing. So keep your prices competitive and make it stand out.


  1. Video Tutorials

People search every day for step by step instructions on everything.  Reach out to others in your market or people just getting started in your field. Make yourself available to teach, for a small price, of course.


  1. Partner Programs

Join a partner program. These are referral programs, are usually offered by online resources you use every day. All you do is sign up! They will provide you with an affiliate link that you share on social media or to your followers. You receive a percentage of all sales that generated from you link! Free money guys!


  1. Infographics

These are well-designed information pages about a variety of subjects. Find a topic that will interest your audience and get creating! Don’t stress if you’re not the most creative, there are nice online resources that provide you with the templates. Just fill in the information.


  1. Pictures & Photos

Are you a photographer or do you take pictures as a hobby? Offer your pictures as stock photo for advertisements! You can even create a membership site with all of your photos, and gain income with monthly membership fees.


  1. Audio Lessons

These are super easy guys. Take a lesson that you’ve presented in a blog or online course. Record yourself reading it. Ta-da! You have an audio lesson.


Find the one that interests you the most and run with it. Remember, don’t try to do too much. That just lead to half-hearted work, and that never brings in money.

Here are the links for the previous lessons: Mini Lessons For Beginning Entrepreneurs-Lesson 1


Good Luck!



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