How to Add Pages, Categories or Custom Links to a WordPress Menu – By LW Lindquist


So, one day, your web designer created a terrific new WordPress site for you. You’ve been going along happily enough creating sharing new content, enjoying your traffic, responding to comments. And then you wake up one morning and really wish you could add a new item to your menu. You’re afraid you’ll do it wrong and bring down the whole site, but you don’t want to have to ask your web person for something that seems like it should be easy enough to do on your own.

Good news. It is simple enough to do on your own. And odds are good you won’t bring down the whole site by tinkering with your menus. But to be on the safe side, how about we lay it out nice and simple for you? WordPress allows you to very easily add menu items from your Pages, your Categories, or a custom link……[Click Here To Read Entire Post]


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