Confident Girls: Turning a Negative into a Positive

Click on this link to read the entire About section for Confident Girls.
This is one of the best mission statements that I have seen in a long time. After reading it you know exactly what she is all about but most importantly, you understand her WHY.

Patrice describes Confident Girls as “not only a brand, but a movement with the goal to help girls everywhere achieve a confidence level that will make them feel good about themselves and thrive as they navigate through life.”  A portion of all sales from Confident Girl merchandise goes back into development programs for young girls and teens.  Patrice’s greatest desire in developing this brand is that girls all over the globe look in the mirror and say “confident girls look like me.”

Her why is bigger than herself! She is not only concerned with her own personal well-being but of those who are where she use to be-an unpleasant time in her life.

Dr. Paula A. Price said  that before God sends you to clean up a mess, He will let you go through the mess, so that you will know the mess when you see it. And it appears that this is exactly what happened in Patrice’s life because now she is cleaning up the mess. Sometimes you go through a hard time before you understand your mission in life. So today I am encouraging to keep on going on!

Share with us a time that you were able to use a negative in your life as a positive.

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