Reflect on Your Focus

“…now dedicating our lives, dedicating our lives to getting money, just to give it right back for someone’s brand on our body, when we spent centuries praying with brands on our bodies, and now we pray to get paid for brands on our bodies.” -Jessie Williams, BET Humanitarian Award Winner 2016

I’m sure a lot of you are already familiar with the humbling and passionate speech that Jessie Williams gave on the 2016 BET Awards. Even if you didn’t watch the awards, Jessie Williams said words that trended all over the internet.

This particular passage of his speech really spoke to me though. It made me think of freedom, and how much freedom that we are allowing ourselves to have. How much value are we putting on material things? How much value are we putting on public figures or celebrities?

I feel like this is a matter of making sure our priorities are in order. We would never want to place anything as higher importance than our families, our friends, and most importantly, our relationship with God.

We could be trapping ourselves, stripping away our own freedom, by giving our all to people and companies that could care less about our spiritual and personal lives. People stand in line for shoes, camp outside of celebrity homes, and hang on every little tweet a famous person says.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with nice name brand things. However, we never want to make these thing our priority. Are we making money to live well and provide? Or because we wanna have the world’s largest Nike collection?

We need to stop giving our time to those who appear important in status, and give our attention to the ones who want to see us succeed. Spend time with our families, take a moment and speak with God, realize what is really important in life.

Those are the ones who love us. We need to return that love the best way we know how.



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