Marketing Yourself Means Branding

I attended Women In Action, Inc‘s Spring Into Action breakfast series on Branding Yourself. This was the  second session of their three-part series of breakfast workshops focused on women entrepreneurs.  This second session was not a disappointment at all. I learned a lot and met great people. All of the attendees are in the group photo above. I am in the front row, middle, with the purple shirt and big smile!  The presenter was Christian Escobar the Marketing Director for Ross Escobar Group, Christian and his wife Courtney,  provide legal consulting and business solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Here is a nugget from Christian Ross “The customer is NOT always right but their perspective IS important”

Summary of  what I learned

Professional Branding and Your Resume

  • Use your resume to tell your story. Go through your professional resume to group together skill sets that you have to offer and transfer the skill sets not the individual jobs to your professional bio.
  • Keep your resume up to date so you can keep track of your skills, accomplishments and professional direction.
  • You can choose to provide links on your internet bio to your previous employers, this helps to build up your legitimacy.

Branding Yourself and Social Media

  • LinkedIn is good for a record of your professional background but do not list your entire resume there. Instead list a few bullet points for the jobs you choose to share there.
  • When using social media be strategic, have a plan for why you are using each platform and how you will use it BEFORE you begin to use it. With social media you should try to be all in or all out meaning don’t try it out and then disappear because it will hurt your credibility as an entrepreneur.

Branding Yourself and Contacts

  • Use your Google Vcard like a business card that you can email or text out. On your cell phone you can do this by saving yourself in your contacts and add your email address, website and any other pertinent information you want to share.
  • Set your email signature to be added on “replies” also so that your contact information is not lost but at the top of each email transmission.
  • Include your email address also in your email signature because some programs do not always show your email address just your name, this way people will not have to search for your email address.

To continue this conversation with me and to hear about what I will learn at the third and final workshop, please follow my blog!

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