Its Not Over

When I leave this earth it is not over, for I am a spirit being and spirits don’t die.

Just as I wear clothes to dress  my body, my spirit wears a body to dress it.  The real me is unseen, even by me. Go figure!

I will leave this body behind one day when I have no idea. When that time arrives I will ascend into another dimension.

We struggle on the earth to accept each other despite our differences. The Bible says how can you say you love God who you can’t see and then turn around and hate your brother  who you can see. We separate from each other. We diss each other. We won’t support each other. Is this heaven or hell?

We are all one because we come from God, that is the lesson to learn while we are here. Fail this test and you take it again. God is in us all. Expand your mind so you can take Him out of the box you have Him in. The box limits you not Him!

Paying your tithe but your still broke. Dropping your offerring in the bucket and then you drop it in your mind. See in your mind what it is going to do for you! Blow it up in living color with your imagination and then God will blow your mind!  There is something missing in perception. The Bible says a wise man will dig deep for the answers. Many faithful have gone on before you but left their bodies suspended in animation. They did not know that we determine the rate of manifestation because with God all things are possible. God is in us!

God is speaking all the time, don’t fight it. Let Him in and hear His ways. Earth is a school. It is a place, a dimension for us to learn. To learn to be creative. To learn to create your reality with your thoughts. Real faith is not just believing it is already done but seeing it already done. For we walk by faith not by sight. Faith has eyes but it is in your mind. Renew your mind to have a mind of faith. To believe it in will take effort on our part. God did His part when He gave us a mind and an imagination. We do our part by using them.   The Bible says He gave us a sound mind and power. Fear will dilute the power. Ignorance will keep you from receiving what you need to walk as one with God. The Bible says how can two walk together except they agree. What two is He talking about? It is Him and you. We agree by being of the same mind. Elevate your thoughts and you will elevate your life.

Drop the Pen!

This is my free style writing! If you like it, share it!

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