Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

Sometimes we play the blame game or believe that we are a powerless victim of our circumstances but there are many people that have suffered much worse than we have and they go on to achieve great things. There are times when we have no part in bad things happening to us but that is not always the case.

The difference is their state of mind. I like to call this our state of consciousness. There are different states of consciousness and we are able to travel from one to another via our imagaination. This concept may be new to some of you so I will break it down for you. We use our imagination to think and to talk. So the initiator for thinking and talking is our imagination. We think in images and before you can speak we have to think it first, so our imagination is the point of origination. To remember, we use our imaginaton, memories are stored in our mind and we retrieve them with our imagination.  Just like we can with our physical bodies travel from a physical state to another, we can also travel via our imagination from one state of consciousness to another. These states of consciousness are our feelings. We live from the inside out not from the outside in. Our environment does not impact our inner man but rather our inner man impacts our external environment.


We birth out into our reality (manifest) what we are believing on the inside. This is why bad things happen to good people. We are all good people no matter what we do.In Genesis 2:7 God imparted into man from Himself and that is when man became a living and speaking being. It does not say that He only breathed life into good men but it says man period. So I say,  it is what we are birthing out that is good or bad not the person. Therefore we can take out of the equation whether people are good or bad. Now lets deal with why bad things happen to people period. It boils down to our mental state of mind. If you keep attracting people to you that you do not particularly care for, stop and think why is this happening to me? What am I thinking and believing (this is birthing out) that is causing this to manifest in my reality? The Bible tells us how to think when it says to “to think on these things..” the Bible also tells us that we have to renew our mind. We have to learn how to believe in what the Bible says we can have, do and be. Renewing our mind, which is  in our soul, is a lifestyle…we have to do it everyday…all the time.


We use our imagination when we make choices,whether the choices are good are bad. God gave mankind a will and we can use this will to align with His will for our lives or to go against it. God is soo secure within Himself that He gave us a will and did not take our choice to choose away from us, even when our choices are not what He has planned for us.

It all boils down to the choices that we make.  We have the ability to choose! Happiness is a choice. To love is a choice. To endure is a choice. To keep trying and not quit  is a choice. That’s just how powerful our minds are. We navigate through our minds via our imagination.

Next Steps

There is much more that I have to say on this topic but I think this is enough for you to digest on for now. Here is a video of Pastor Creflo Dollar speaking on this topic.

(This video is about an hour long so if you want to cut to the chase start watching it about 45 minutes in. However I do suggest watching it in it’s entirety when you have the time.)

For more information on our imagination and how we use it to create our realities that manifest in  the natural realm, please follow my blog post.

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