Spiritual Downloads for Success

The first time I heard about the concept of spiritual “downloads” from God was in 2011 from a Christian woman that was mentoring me spiritually.  At the time I did not quite understand what she was talking about but as I had learned from her;  I did not reject this  new information, solely based on the fact, that it was new to me therefore,  I filed it away mentally.

Then in 2012 God began to teach me what a download was and how to receive them from Him. If you know anything about computers, smart phones, tablets and the like, then it will be easy for you to understand and apply this concept. A spiritual download works the same as a natural download. In the natural when you want to upgrade your cellphone or computer, you download a new program into it. Just as it is in the natural it is the same in the spiritual. A spiritual download is receiving information from God (above) to you (earth), so in essence it is bringing heaven to earth.

In the spiritual realm a download is God giving you an idea or thought. It appears to come out of nowhere but it happens in the parameters of prayer, talking with God. The download can be an answer to a problem or it can be a revelation that opens up your mind  to see an issue from a different perspective. Many times merely looking at a problem from a different lense can unlock the answer.

Increase your brain’s bandwidth by removing out-dated information in order to replace it with the new.

Downloads are a different type of communion with God and they are very intimate. It  can occur all the time, not just when you are in your prayer closet. It may be for you, as it was for me that you had already been experiencing receiving downloads from God but you were not aware that they were initiated by God.

The idea or thought will appear to be coming from you which can make it easy to not realize that it is actually coming from God. You may have experienced a light bulb going off in your mind when you suddenly get an answer to a dilemma or you are able to unlock an answer because you are suddenly seeing an issue in a new way. That’s a download!

Before I had received this revelation I use to pray to God and do all the talking and then end the prayer and go on my way. Now I have learned to stay before God in silence to wait for His response. The response may not be about anything that I have lifted up before Him in prayer but many times it is something totally different. That’s a download! God is giving me an answer or revealing something to me. Its a download because it causes me to perform at a higher level than I could before the download came. I walk away feeling empowered.

A download in the spiritual realm is the same as in the natural realm. When you download a program or application to your phone or computer it allows it to function at a higher level than it did before the download.

If this is a stretch for you to hold, good! It was for me also at first. The brain has to be stretched beyond its current capacity to learn. Then it will snap back and supernaturally expand over time to hold more.

We serve a BIG God and He wants us to think BIG!

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